7 Massive Google Search tips 2023 For Seo lover

Google search tips

I’ve been using Google for about 7-8 years and I think you’ve been using it for a long time too. In this blog, I am going to tell you the tips or tricks that SEO experts use for their keyword research. By using these tips, your life will become much easier and better.

7 Google search tips 2023

Tip1: Eliminating a particular word

When you find that you are seeing a brand or product repeatedly in the results for what you are searching for. So if you want to remove it or see results other than that brand or product, use simple minus in Google search.

For example best smartphones -iPhone
When you write this query in Google’s engine, all the results will be shown in front of you except iPhone, so first you will check it by writing “best phone” in Google’s search engine, then you will see iPhones in the result.
Now it depends on you for what purpose you use this tip

Tip2: Including your particular word
In the previous tricks, I eliminated the word, now if you want that you should get any word in the result. Then you have to write this query best phone “iPhone” By doing this you will also see those phones in google results which wanted to get as per your wish.

Tip3: Filtering the result according to time

If you want to filter out the results as you wish, simply go to Google and do something. For example, I search on google for the latest WhatsApp, and on SERP you will see the option of the tool, by clicking on it, you will get two results in front of you: all results and anytime. Selecting anytime, past hour, past 24 hours and past year means how old are the results If you want to get the content of the previous year’s result, then you can click on the previous year to get it.
If you need information about a particular time period, then this sorting method will be the best for you

Tip4: Search specifically sized images with colored

wallpaper of mobile” Search on Google and you will get many images, then you have to come to the tool option You will see the color option by clicking on it you can select the color of the images as per your choice, for example, if I select a black color then I will get results of black images.
Apart from gifs, you will also find options for medium-large and small images here and this is an amazing tip For google users

Tip5: Familiar/ related website

Have you ever considered that you can find a website related to a website on Google?
If you want a website related to Canova, then you have to write this query in Google search, and after that Google will give you the result that you expect, you can do related graphic designing like Canova on these websites.
Exposing hidden keywords Especially majority of SEO experts use this trick to get extra information for keyword research and this trick is very important for beginner SEO people if you can use it. Give space on both sides of the underscore and then write your query.

For example, if I write digital marketing in Google, then the words that people search for and which you can’t even think of will appear in the result. If you don’t understand, do a quick google search and see the magic

Tip6: Finding research papers

This is a tip, especially for students Whether you are school college, or university student.

if you are writing papers or doing research, you are going to need a lot of related papers. So simply you have to search in Google by writing google scholar, then you will find Google’s Google Scholar
Tip7: Search a specific website

To get the results of a particular website, if you write a simple site: daraz mobile, only daraz mobiles will come up. If you go to the 7th page of Google, you will see only Draz’s mobile.

All this is possible if you search for the type of file you want on Google Simply write your query filetype: pdf graphic designing You will see only pdf files on google File type: pptx graphic designing So you will see only pptx files on Google

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