8 Best Fiverr alternatives (that work like Fiverr)

Best Fiverr alternatives

Fiverr is the most popular platform, not only useful for freelancers who have great skills but also supports new users who know a little bit of the skill and have good communication skills.

There are many online platforms for freelancers in the internet world but we have found 8 Fiverr alternatives that will be very useful for you.

1. Upwork

Upwork was started almost two decades ago to improve business and provide opportunities for new talent. its popularity is due to its payment security and highly professional staff.

Upwork and Fiverr are also different because their bidding style is quite different. Fiverr freelancers sell their gigs at a whole range of prices and employers choose one according to their capacity. While Upwork is the opposite, where employers post jobs and freelancers send their own messages to get jobs.

2. Freelancer

Freelancer is a unique platform connecting more than 6 crore freelancers and employers globally. New users who may be employers or freelancers can find this website easily because the word “freelancer” tells a lot about their field.

They have a wide range of skills whether the job is small or complex. However, quality freelancers are capable of solving it. If you are hardworking and have a lot of talent, this fascinating marketplace can be your first step to your destination.

This website gives priority to long-term freelancers over single and high-quality gigs, and that’s why it is growing itself by taking only these freelancers forward.

 The good thing about it is that it combines the skills of all freelancers together. If you are getting cheap freelancers, don’t be fooled because there are high-quality freelancers who can handle your important projects at high prices.

They have arranged premium memberships for freelancers and business people. For example, you can submit 10 bidding in a month, before submitting the 11th bidding proposal you have to join paid membership.

3. People per hour.

People per hour is similar to Fiverr where people can join easily. Compared to Fiverr, it offers users betters services like affordability, pricing, talent, and security. While providing security for his people, it has also become a center of attraction for new people.

If you have an important project and you give that project to a freelancer. Your payment will be locked during the project, at the end of the project you will pay him if you are satisfied with the work of the freelancer. After that is done, click on the pay button. After clicking, the funds will be released to the freelancer’s account. That is this platform takes care of both freelancers and employers.


Like Fiverr, Toptal is also one of the top websites for freelancers and employers. It doesn’t associate with any person who is again their system. For example, a person who doesn’t work or takes money after half-done work. How can this happen, That’s why toptal filters 100% of people and only gives the opportunity to 3% of honest freelancers.

Keeping these qualities in mind, big companies entrust their valuable projects to toptal freelancers. It’s not surprising to charge more for the project because you get quality work and a high level of confidence in return.

5. Guru

Guru is a networking platform that provides professional services to its users. Compared to Fiverr, Guru protects its users from scams. It did not gain as much as popular as other Fiverr alternative platforms. Although Fiverr beats guru in terms of cost, it is far ahead of Fiverr in terms of best security and professionalism.

Their own algorithm is Cert which stands for community, engagement, reusability, and trust with an of range 1 to 5. Every new freelancer starts at range 1. When he starts earning money on guru he automatically joins cert 2 and cert 3. Cert 5 is the last and best level. Here you can easily find honest and hard-working freelancers for your important projects.


Like Fiverr, truelancer is the cheapest version and is globally useful for both freelancers and employers. This platform allows freelancers to work as marketing trainers, virtual assistants, and other jobs from home. If you join this platform then at least you can easily earn 300$ to 400$ per month.

If you are an employer and looking for a freelancer, there are countless freelancers capable of completing your work at a low cost. However, there aren’t that many professional freelancers out there because like Fiverr, it provides low-cost freelancers.


Have you ever thought that any platform pays 100%? Outsource has the advantage that it puts 100% of your earnings in your pocket. It gives more importance to work in progress than one project at a time.

If this platform allows you to keep 100% of your earnings, then somehow it has to run the business permanently, so it charges 19$ for the small plan and 229$ per month for the advanced plan.

8. Codeable.

If your running WordPress site is not working properly or you are facing any kind of problem on your site then codeable is the best choice to solve your problem. Codeable has high-class developers who can fix your website and take it in the right direction.

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