6 Best Freelancing Websites For Writers (Updated 2023)

Freelancing Websites For Writers

6 Best Freelancing Websites For Writers (Updated 2023)

Freelance writing services are one of the most popular job categories on most freelance websites. There are thousands of writing jobs posted daily. We will give an overview of the 9 best freelancing websites for writers.

It is becoming harder for beginners to penetrate the freelance ecosystem. This industry is highly unpredictable and nothing is permanent in it. One bad review can cost you too heavily. There is no surety of securing the same projects every month.

The rise of search engines and SEO has also increased the demand of quality content writers. Informational content is widely searched and has become a great source of organic traffic for businesses. There are dozens of writing sub categories where you can offer your services.

Freelancing Websites For Writers

Discussing the best freelancing websites for writers, we must not forget the trust factor and the quality of talent. There are several who opted for the wrong site or writing category and wasted their time without securing any jobs.

There are several ways to find new jobs on these freelance websites, like publishing the your writing services gigs, collecting the clients emails and doing cold outreach.

In the beginning you shouldn’t expect too much, but after a sold portfolio and experience you will be able to earn good money every month by offering writing services.


Upwork is one of the most populated freelance marketplace with around 18 million users. However, it competitive for new writers because there are thousands of experienced writers competing for the same project with a good portfolio.

Sign up on Upwork is free and you can do this with your Google account. After signup you have to submit your profile review to Upwork support team for the approval. If platform finds your profile reasonable then you will get approval within a week.

You can list your services in form of projects or bid on posted jobs by using Upwork connects. Mostly Upwork clients search for quality talent and less conscious about their budget.

Pros Of Upwork

  • Upwork is a reliable freelance marketplace. It comes with job and payment security.
  • Hundreds of verified jobs with equal oppurtunities.
  • Easy to use interface with project management and communication tools.

Cons Of Upwork

  • Upwork taken down profiles due to inactivity and no earnings in a specific time.
  • Not good for beginners due to high competition.
  • Less profile approval.


Fiverr is a non traditional freelance marketplace which introduced the the $5 gig concept and became so popular in recent times. It gives new freelancer equal opportunities by ranking their profiles in gig search results.

Fiverr is mostly used by project managers with low budget to outsource their work. Fiverr has a category known as Fiverr Pro for high quality talent.

You don’t need to wait for profile approval on Fiverr marketplace, Just sign up and start selling.

Pros Of Fiverr

  • Good for beginners with no portfolio
  • Big work oppurtunities
  • Easy to sign up and doesn’t need to bid on projects

Cons Of Fiverr

  • Low quality work
  • Less paying clients

Blogging Pro

Blogging Pro is a freelance writing job board website. It is a category specific platform where you can find lot of content writing jobs. You get the confirmation on job application approval within 24 to 48 hours.

It gives your niche specific job opportunities with long term projects and a better pay per word. You can directly apply on several jobs and collect clients leads for free.

Blogging Pro Pros

  • It is free for writer to find and apply for jobs
  • Niche specific jobs
  • Better pay per word

Blogging Pro Cons

  • Focuses on one job category


iWriter is a clients specific writing jobs website. Writers on this freelance site have to offer quality services with specific goals. Keywords bound content on niche relevant topics is expected to deliver on time.

Payments can be received through PayPal on weekly and biweekly basis. Clients can tip the freelancers on exceptional work delivery.

Pros Of iWriter

  • Easy to sign up for new writers
  • Relatively good pays for beginners

Cons Of iWriter

  • Cant apply to all jobs
  • Level up required from standard to premium, elite and elite plus to unlock high paying gigs

People Per Hour

People Per Hour abbreviated from PPH is a leading freelance marketplace that sources jobs in content writing category. A freelance writer can list the services in profile and bid on the projects posted by the clients.

PPH gives job and payment security through agreement with the freelancer and client. Freelancer profiles are manually vetted and approved by the People Per Hour support team.

Pros Of PPH

  • Free bids for every month to submit proposal on relevant jobs
  • Secure payments
  • Project management dashboard and communication tools

Cons Of PPH

  • PPH is an overall freelance marketplace not a category specific website for writers
  • Hard to find jobs for new freelancers without a portfolio


Contently is a freelancing platform which connects freelance writers with big brands. Contently support team screens out the best content writers with solid portfolio and invite them for jobs.

It is not wise choice if you are beginner because you need to deliver high quality content that will be service to bigger brands having large audience. Contently gives high paying job opportunities with long term relation with clients.

Pros Of Contently

  • High paying jobs
  • Connect with the world’s bigger brands like Pepsi, Microsoft, Apple and Coca Cola

Cons Of Contently

  • Invite only jobs for freelancers with good portfolio
  • No opportunities for beginners without any experience

Final Words On Freelancing Websites For Writers

By concluding the best freelancing website for writers, you might be able to chose the right platform for your freelance journey. A strong portfolio is a must to survive in the freelance world.

As a beginner, focus on the clients with relatively low budget and without strict requirements. Polish your skills by learning new content strategies through online courses and YouTube.

There are several other sites like Freelancer, Guru and Contena which can also be a good option to offer freelance writing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Site For Freelance Writers?

Upwork, Fiverr, PPH, Contently and iWriter are some of the best freelancing websites for writers. These freelance sites offer multiple sub categories in writing.

Is Fiverr Good For Freelance Writers?

Fiverr is the best to start the journey as freelance writer. It has more job opportunities in this category and relatively low competition for beginners.

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